Why are "POLO T-SHIRTS" reliable for a carefree/relaxed look?

The word T-shirt itself can be considered synonymous with comfort. Be it any kind of T-shirt. Whether it's men or women, they feel most comfortable wearing T-shirts. Whenever it comes to men's attire, T-shirts are preferred. But men also know that T-shirts are not applicable everywhere, for every occasion. That is why a polo t-shirt is considered to be the best option as it has the comfort of a t-shirt and its look is classy and versatile. 

Being a perfect combination of comfort and style, everyone from teenagers to older people loves polo T-shirts. Let's take a brief look at the history behind the design of the polo t-shirt for men

In the 1920s, while playing polo, players felt the need for a comfortable and breathable garment that would give them the freedom to move with ease, so they started wearing long-sleeved shirts with buttoned-down collars. Which is popular today as a Polo T-shirt. Over time, the polo t-shirt has not only made its place as a favorite piece of clothing in every man's wardrobe, but it also reigns supreme in classic fashion. 

Features that provide maximum comfort:

Fabric Material: 

The first and foremost thing that matters in any Outfit is the fabric from which it is made. Everyone's skin sensitivity is different, so not all types of clothes are suitable for everyone, that is why Polo t-shirts are made from a variety of fabrics including basics like cotton, polyester, cotton blend, and many other materials that absorb sweat and protect from UV rays. Let’s Explore some of those fabric qualities. 

  1. 100% Cotton: Cotton is a very common and basic fabric, polo t-shirts made of cotton feel soft to the touch. They are easy to maintain and are breathable for the skin. Cotton can absorb sweat but does not dry quickly, this is the disadvantage of cotton.
  2. 100% Polyester: Polyester is one of the synthetic fabrics. This fabric is long-lasting and also provides absorbency. This cloth absorbs sweat and also dries quickly, hence it can protect from sweat or stains. Polo T-shirts made from 100% polyester do not fade or lose color so they stay looking new for a long time. It is also easy to wash and carry.

Keeping all these features in mind, we have made our polo t-shirts from 100% polyester.

The Perfect Collar: 

The most essential feature of a polo t-shirt is the collar. Polo T-shirts are made in different types of collars such as straight point collars, button-down collars, spread collars, cutaways, Piccadilly, club, or snap tabs. A polo t-shirt looks good only when the shape and fitting of the collar are perfect. Let’s Explore some of those collar types. 

  1. Straight Point collar: The straight point collar features a rich and classic look. This traditional collar delivers a short distance between the collar points, and it's flexible to wear a tie. 
  1. The spread collar: The spread collar is a modern style with a long space between the collar points. Both small and large tie knots can be worn in this type of collar. 

Fitting matters: 

  1. The length: The ideal length of a polo t-shirt is about to hip level. And the sleeve length is 10 to 12 centimeters above the elbow. Try to always go with a little shorter rather than a long. 
  1. The width: If it is a matter of width, then the fitting of the polo t-shirt should not be too loose or too skinny. Choose a polo t-shirt that fits your skin well and is not too tight or oversized. 

Best Ways to Style a Polo T-Shirt All Day Long: 

Polo t-shirts can be styled in a variety of ways for every occasion throughout the day. Let's talk about some tips on how to wear Polo T-shirts differently.

Early morning at 6 am: 

If you are one of those people who starts their day with a workout then you can style the polo t-shirt with sports shoes and track pants for running or any workout session. Also keep a smartwatch, which will complete your workout look. 

Breakfast with friends at 8 am: 

Suddenly made plans for breakfast with friends? Not to worry, Simply wear your polo T-shirt with trousers and sneakers. And now you are all set to go. 

Need to catch a lunch meeting at 1 pm? 

Want to catch a lunch meeting? Don’t want to attend meetings with those boring formal wear? No need to take stress, look into your wardrobe and pick out your favorite Polo T-shirt and Pair it with slim-fit formal pants and loafers for a simple semi-formal look.

Party at 8 pm: 

It’s finally time to escape for a party and can’t you decide what to wear? Classically add a party touch to your polo t-shirt by just wearing a leather jacket along with cool denim and chalice shoes. 


If you are looking for a perfect T-shirt for yourself or for your loved one, a Polo T-shirt would be a great option for you. You can visit our site to explore our rich collection of polo T-shirts. Polo shirts are very versatile and can easily become ideal for any occasion if styled correctly.

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