A Fashionable Guide To Basic Activewear T-shirts For Women

We are all aware of the need to have a good collection of women's t-shirts in our casual wardrobe. T-shirts for women can be said to be one of the best and trending clothes in the range of women's outfits nowadays. Every woman is joining the fashion race by styling women's t-shirts and activewear t-shirts for every purpose and occasion from workouts to parties, airports, and offices. Sometimes you might have a huge collection of T-shirts. As a result, you need clarification about how to uniquely style activewear t-shirts for women to get more beautiful and elegant casual looks with a contemporary look. In this article, we will try to explain how every you ladies, can style your basic activewear t-shirts beautifully to every day have a classy and cool look simply with less effort. 

Types Of Basic Activewear T-shirts For Women:

Activewear t-shirts can be divided differently by many essential factors. We have mentioned different yet basic types of women’s t-shirts. Let’s understand some of them-

  1. Neck Based Types:

  • Round Neck:

The most demanding neck type in the range of women’s t-shirts especially in activewear. These round-neck types of t-shirts are more comfortable during working out and apart from that they are also fashionable when you are styling them for casual events. 

  • V-Neck:

V-neck t-shirts for women can be considered the second most demanding neck type for both casual and formal events. This neckline provides you with full coverage for those who are not comfortable wearing a broad neckline. 

  • Boat Neck:

Boat neck t-shirts for women can be considered a support for women with heavy upper bodies. At Bukkum, we have created a wide range of women’s t-shirts with boat necks in a variety of different color shades, and patterns. 

  1. Sleeve Length-Based Types:

  • Long Sleeves:

Long Sleeved women’s t-shirts are popular especially in summer time to get protected from extreme sunlight. You can style them with broad-leg denim to enhance their appearance. 

  • Short Sleeves:

Short-sleeved T-shirts are best for layering under shirts, and different types of jackets for the gym and many other casual occasions such as parties, get-togethers, and day outings. 

  1. Fabric Based Types:

  • Cotton Polyester:

Cotton Polyester fabric is the most popular fabric in crafting activewear T-shirts. These women’s t-shirts are extremely comfortable to wear when you are working out and also when you are wearing them casually.

  • Light-Buk: 

Light-Buk fabric is the lightest fabric which has four-way stretchability to provide you with maximum comfort and a feeling of wearing just a second layer of another skin. At our store, you will explore a huge collection of women’s t-shirts crafted with premium quality light-weighted fabric suitable for every skin type. 

  1. Color Based Types:

  • Light shades: 

Women’s t-shirts in the range of light shades can be styled with dark bottoms, whether you are wearing tights for gym or jeans for other casual outings. Lights shades can be worn 24/7, they will look classy any time if styled wisely. 

  • Dark Shades:

Choosing dark shades while shopping for T-shirts for women is very common as every girl likes to wear them for every type of porous from the gym to the airport, and party. At Bukkum, we have created a t-shirt collection in dark shades such as black, blue, red, maroon, green, and many more. 

  1. Purpose Based Types

While talking about the type of occasion while selecting women’s t-shirts, we are excited to say that you can wear any type of activewear t-shirt for women for any type of occasion from casual to formal and sports by just styling them properly with appropriate bottoms and accessories. 

  • Casual Wear:

Round-neck women’s t-shirts are comfortable and can be worn casually no matter what the occasion is. If you are planning a day-out with friends or family you can pair them with denim shorts and a pair of sports shoes. Additionally, Wear some cool types of jewelry such as rings, and neck chains to complete your look. 

  • Formal Wear:

V-neck t-shirts would be the perfect option to style formally with a pair of blazers along with Korean pants. Style this outfit with a pair of heels and elegant accessories, and also do not forget to apply an eye-catching lipstick shade if you are leading to a business meeting with your clients. 


Shopping for women’s t-shirts should not be stopped even if your wardrobe is already full of t-shirts. The trend of wearing T-shirts never will be out of trend, Ladies you have to keep your hands free when you are shopping or even thinking of shopping for T-shirts. If you are one of those who regularly love to wear unique and creative kinds of T-shirts to the gym, office, outing, parties, or at home, we at Bukkum can fulfill your all expectations with a versatile t-shirt. Explore our store to create a beautiful collection of women’s t-shirts in your wardrobe.