4 Types Of T-Shirts You Should Try With Lowers For Men

Lower for men: From wearing it at home to wearing it at the gym and even at your office is enough to define the comfort level a gents lower can provide. But isn’t it scary to have the same look while wearing the same lower with the same types of t-shirts every day everywhere? No one prefers to do a little hard work to style their very casual piece of clothing such as a lower or a T-shirt and they keep wearing their lower in the same way whether they are going on a tracking or a road trip, or while outing.

No worries! You don’t need to take the stress of styling the most comfortable staple of your wardrobe. In this article, You will come across some easy yet styling tips for your lower collection while knowing the types of t-shirts that can help to give you a different look every day.

1.  Round Neck T-shirt With Skin-Fit Lower

Slim-fit lowers for men feature a skin-fitting appearance giving you a feel of another layer of skin. A Round or crew neck T-shirt for men will be perfectly suitable for slim-fit cotton lowers for men. The grip on the ankle makes it preferable to have it in the lower collection in your wardrobe.

You can style it for the gym, jogging, or for tracking purposes as well. It will give you maximum comfort in any type of physical activity including sports. At Bukkum, You will have a wide range of slim-fit lowers in a variety of multiple color options. 

You can try our navy blue solid slim-fit lower with a pair of white printed t-shirts for the gym. Choose comfortable sports shoes and an activity tracker band on your hand. 

2.  V Neck T-shirt With Slim-Fit Lower

For those who don’t like to wear round neck t-shirts as they get very close to the neck, v neck T-shirts would be their priority while choosing t-shirts. Be it a casual or a formal look, V-neck T-shirts have been helping men to have a rich and unique look for every motive.

Slim-fit lower can be worn at parties. You might be thinking of how a lower for men can be suitable for the parties. It’s a fashion game, if you have a unique fashion sense and the “I am looking cool and good” attitude, you can wear anything anywhere.

You can choose an anthramelange melange cotton slim fit lower from our store, pair a v-neck contrast colored t-shirt with it, and apply a layer of front zipper jacket on it, also wear a pair of canvas shoes. You are all set to attend a party. 

3.  Polo T-shirt With Track Pants

Track pants are the coolest option for a formal gathering. You just need to know some basic tips and pairing options to create a perfect formal look with track pants.

You should try our Violet Gents lower with a pair of lavender polo t-shirts for men. You can give this look an extraordinary look by adding a layer of a white blazer to it. Pair it with a pair of loafer shoes and a brown belt watch. 

4.  Full Sleeves Polo T-shirt With Joggers

Joggers have a different fan group which is really huge so as full-sleeved polo t-shirts. When you combine them you will be able to wear them anywhere for any purpose you want.

Black lower for men from our store needs to be in your wardrobe for very sure. You can pair it with a full-sleeved olive polo t-shirt. You can wear this outfit to any concert or any type of party. You are not going to be ever wrong with this beautiful combination. 


Stop wearing lower for men in the same way you have been wearing them for years and years when you can style them variously by pairing them with different T-shirt types. At Bukkum, you can get yourself many different types of variety in stylish lowers for men in the sense of colors, and patterns. You can also have a huge collection of T-shirts for men.

Explore our site to come across the wide collection of lower for men.